Summer Car Care Tips

When the summer rolls around, most people are ready to head outside and enjoy the warm sun. But don’t forget to take care of the one thing that gets you there: your car. Here are some essential summer car care tips.


Prevent Engine Overheating

This is a big priority in the summer. When driving for long periods of time in hot weather, your engine has the potential to overheat. In order to help prevent this, check coolant levels regularly as well as the condition of hoses and drive belts.

Maintain Proper Tire Inflation

Proper tire inflation is key to get you going and keep you going. In the summertime, your car has a higher risk of a tire blowout thanks to the hotter pavement. The hot pavement combined with improperly inflated tires, whether they’re under- or over-inflated, both can cause problems.

Check Fluid Levels

Your coolant level isn’t the only thing that needs to be checked this summer. Other fluids are essential to the safe operation of your vehicle, like motor oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. Sometimes summer heat (and more frequent road trips) can have a big impact on your car’s fluid levels.

Invest in Sunshades

The sun in the summer can be rough on your car. To protect your interior trim from fading (your dashboard, seats, etc.), buy some sunshades for the summer and put them on your car’s dashboard when you park it directly in the sun.

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